Scott Pump Service

Location Edmonton Owner Peter Scott
Employees 27 Founded 1952

★ The Business

Scott Pump Service has been selling its services to the mining and oil sands sector since 1952, but it broke new ground this past year when it was recognized by Suncor as its number one vendor (out of more than 3,000 companies) when it came to on-time deliveries and fill-rate performance. Rick Palamaruk, Scott Pump Service’s general manager, says this was no small achievement considering the kind of companies that his business was competing with for that recognition. “When you take a look at the vendors to that organization, you’re looking at companies like Finning and Acklands-Grainger. We’re competing against all the big dogs on campus for this recognition.”

★ The Case

It’s tempting to think that customer service is a secondary concern in the oil and gas services sector. After all, with billions of dollars of capital flowing into the industry every year and a skill and service shortage in many areas of activity, it might seem that a company like Scott Pump Service could name their price and overlook the service. Not so, says Rick Palamaruk. “You have to understand the customer’s business as well as they do. Otherwise, you’ll be nothing more than a features and benefits provider.”

When it comes to providing customer service, it helps that Scott Pump Service has been around since 1952 and has employees that have been with the company for nearly that long. They’ve seen it all, the booms and the busts, and know how to react accordingly. “The single biggest asset we have is our team,” Palamaruk says. “There are a lot of companies out there, but they don’t have our team. It’s that simple.”

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