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Location Calgary Owner Cameron Chell, Erika Racicot, Les Mottosky and Paul Readwin
Employees 27 Founded 2009

★ The Business

The idea that a vibrant workplace culture is a valuable asset is so widely trafficked that it’s practically a cliché by now, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. And there are few workplaces in Alberta more committed to the idea of culture and the impact it can have on the bottom line than Calgary’s Business Instincts Group. This consulting firm stresses the importance of professional and personal goal-setting, and encourages its employees to think about what their strengths are and how they might apply them. According to Judy Garvey, the firm’s professional services director, Business Instincts Group has produced an enviable workplace environment. “We could all be working somewhere else, but we choose not to,” she says. “Maybe we don’t pay the best salaries in the industry and our office isn’t the nicest, but it’s about the people we work with every day.”

★ The Case

The idea of gathering with your co-workers in the morning and telling them what you plan to achieve over the course of that day might make some people squeamish, but at Business Instincts Group it’s a daily routine – and one they look forward to. Among other benefits, Judy Garvey says that it’s a great way to build a sense of teamwork and touch base with people you might not otherwise see during the course of a day.

“Sometimes it’s our only interaction with someone if they’re in meetings all day and we don’t work together,” she says. It’s just one aspect of a broader commitment to teamwork and togetherness (one that includes a number of other small daily gestures, like building collaborative musical playlists for the office) at the company, but it certainly seems to pay dividends for employees and management alike. “I told the partners, ‘You guys can fire me,’” Garvey says, “‘but I’ll probably just come back and clean the floors.’”

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