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Location Calgary Owner Chris Rokosh
Employees 7 Founded 2001

★ The Business

In retrospect, Chris Rokosh says, she probably had no business starting a company that specialized in legal matters. After all, she’d been a labour and delivery nurse her entire life, and had no formal or practical background in either the law or business. “My learning curve has been tremendous,” she says. “I’ve sought out advisers in many different areas – accounting, law, business – and [have] just been learning as much as I can.” She’s learned a lot, too. What started as a single consultation for a medical malpractice case in 2001 grew into a healthy consultancy practice and has since evolved into a multi-faceted business that offers training, expert advice and educational services to some of the biggest law firms and pharmaceutical companies in North America.

★ The Case

Chris Rokosh’s big leap forward happened in 2008, when she developed a four-day course called “Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting” that has since been presented seven times across Canada and is being adapted for distance education and accredited by universities. She then added another line to her business by hiring some of the people that took her course and sub-contracting them to lawyers who are in search of an educated medical expert. “They’re telling us that we’re doing it with more integrity than has been done before,” Rokosh says of her clients. “We’ve done a lot of work in terms of legitimizing the work of being a legal medical consultant.”

The most recent innovation is CanLNC Class Action, a new division which provides analysis and summaries of healthcare information in French and English to firms engaged in class action litigation. Interest in the service she offers is strong, and Rokosh is now in conversations with heavyweights like Merck, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. In the end, she says, it all comes down to providing a valuable service to her customers. “When you’ve got healthcare-related litigation, that knowledge is key in order to best represent the client.”

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