MacKay’s Ice Cream

Sales and Marketing Superstar

Location Cochrane Owner Mark and Meghan Tayfel
Employees 30 Founded 1948

★ The Business

MacKay’s Ice Cream has been a popular stop for tourists and locals alike since 1948, and it’s no wonder. While the times have changed, the ice cream that MacKay’s serves up hasn’t. Mark and Meghan Tayfel (who is the granddaughter of the company’s founders) took over the business a few years ago, and while they’ve added a few new flavours and built a new website, they haven’t changed much when it comes to what they’re selling. “We’re still sticking with the same original recipes,” Mark Tayfel says. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Avenue Calgary magazine certainly agrees – it ranked the Cochrane store as one of the city’s best places to get ice cream. Obviously, it’s worth the approximately 30-minute drive.

★ The Case

If you’re in the dessert business these days, you’re probably trying to find a way to help your customers balance flavour with fitness. Not MacKay’s Ice Cream, though. In addition to sticking with their traditional flavours, they’ve also preserved the way those flavours are made. While most ice cream is made with around 10 per cent butterfat (less than that and it’s technically ice milk), Mackay’s ice cream uses 17 to 18 per cent. It also features less “overrun” (the technical term for the amount of air that’s whipped into the mixture while it’s being frozen), which makes it far denser than your average ice cream. The Tayfels take pride in the fact that they haven’t compromised on taste in order to cut back on calories. “We think that [cream] makes the old fashioned traditional flavoured ice cream,” says Mark Tayfel “and there’s a core group of people who want that.”

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