Origami Accounting

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Location Edmonton Owner Kris Sparrow, Ashley Brulotte, Darren Stroeder, Sridhar Mutyala
Employees 20 Founded 2011

★ The Business

A full-time accountant is a luxury that most small businesses can’t afford. That’s why Origami Accounting, a firm with offices in Edmonton and Calgary, invented what it calls its “NetFlix” approach to accounting services. Rather than having to retain the services of an accountant, subscribers pay a monthly fee and send their relevant documentation by mail to Origami. The accounting firm takes care of the rest – including the annual tax filing. “It’s a convenience thing for the clients,” says Jordan Thachuk, Origami’s business manager. “The typical accounting process involves dropping everything off at the end of the year, and there’s a mad rush and an abundance of questions. With this, we have contact with the client every month, so a lot of questions are addressed early.”

★ The Case

Time and money are two things that are in short supply for just about every small business, but Origami’s unique approach to providing a professional service aims to save its clients both. “We haven’t reinvented the wheel,” Thachuk says. “We’ve just simplified it and made the accounting process enjoyable. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s what we’ve tried to do. For a lot of small businesses cash flow is an issue. With our flat monthly fees, they know exactly what they’re paying and they’re not afraid to contact their accountant.” And while it’s a great set-up for Origami’s clients, it’s nearly as good for Origami since their accountants don’t have to worry about answering a rush of tax-related inquiries during tax season. Instead, the work is spread out more evenly across the calendar year, which allows the company to hire more efficiently – they just added a third chartered accountant – and grow their business at a more deliberate pace.

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