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Get ready to meet Alberta’s Small Business Superstars. Alberta Venture and ATB Business have looked all over the province to find Alberta’s most interesting, impressive and exciting small businesses.

Click here to read the Superstar profiles and see who readers chose to be Alberta’s top Small Business Superstar

In addition to the Superstar profiles, we’ve asked some of Alberta’s leading experts to give their advice on a number of subjects crucial to any small business owner. Covering everything from finances to marketing, these quick articles will help your business reach the top of its game!

1. How your small company can compete for top talent

Bigger isn’t better → Read More

2. A simple guide to building a happy relationship with your bank (and getting its money when you need it)

Live happily ever after → Read More

3. Why change might be the best thing for your business

The innovator’s dilemma → Read More

4. How listening to the conventional wisdom can get your business into trouble

The customer isn’t always right → Read More

5. Why word-of-mouth marketing is a small business’s best friend

Just make sure you use it right → Read More

The Digital Magazine


In October and November, 40,000 copies of the Superstars magazine are being distributed across Alberta through Alberta Venture magazine and ATB Business branches and events. If you’d like a print copy, head on down to your local ATB branch and pick up a copy (call ahead first, they may have run out!) In the meantime, check out this handy digital version of the magazine. Don’t for get to vote for your favourite business by clicking here.



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