The Bra Lounge

Customer Experience Superstar

Location Red Deer Owner Sheena Johnson and Cortney Murphy
Employees 5 Founded 2007

★ The Business

Ever since Oprah Winfrey launched her so-called “bra revolution” in 2005 that sounded the alarm about the problems associated with improperly sized bras, women have demanded a higher standard of service and quality from the people who sell ladies’ undergarments. That’s what they get when they visit the Bra Lounge in Red Deer, where sisters Sheena Johnson and Cortney Murphy bring the made-to-measure experience to women who are shopping for their most intimate items of clothing. Their hard work has paid off, too, as their store was recently awarded gold in the best customer service category by Red Deer Express readers.

★ The Case

Sisters Sheena Johnson and Courtney Murphy know what it’s like to go bra shopping without the guidance of someone who knows what they’re looking for. They lost their mother when they were teenagers, and bra shopping was just one of the many challenges they had to navigate without her help. When the two opened their store five years ago, they wanted to ensure that their customers didn’t have to go through what they did as they entered womanhood. “I know, having changed into the proper fitting size when I was 24, it can become a life changing experience for someone who’s had a lot of struggles with their bust size,” Johnson says. That’s why they train their fitters not just to be familiar with the various sizes and fabrics but also to know how to help people through what can be a nerve-wracking experience. “That first contact really matters,” Johnson says. “We need sincere and compassionate women working for us who really respect and understand the different phases in a woman’s life.” The payoff, she says, can be enormous. “It’s a really neat thing to see a woman get emotional when she realizes that she can start jogging or hit the gym without the frustrations and aggravations of an improperly fitting bra.”

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