How Hurricane Sandy impacted small businesses on the East Coast

And other small business stories from October 22 - November 2

CNN: Small businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy struggle to get back on their feet
Unfortunately, many of the small businesses affected by the storm on the East Coast didn’t have flood insurance, in some cases because the coverage they needed didn’t exist. New York City and the U.S. Small Business Administration are offering loans to help small business owners get back to work after their shops and equipment were damaged in the storm. The only problem is that, well, loans need to be paid back, and with no money currently coming in, that’s a tough proposition for any business. (With that in mind, you may want to check out this Legal Eagles column from April, about how to make sure you have the insurance coverage you need.)

Yahoo! Sports Canada: How the hockey lockout is affecting some small businesses
While the hockey lockout doesn’t have much impact on the overall economy, it’s cooled sales for some small businesses in hockey towns, with bars and restaurants feeling most of the impact. On the other hand, some businesses may be benefiting. With the strike unlikely to end any time soon, has it had any impact on your business?

Edmonton Journal: Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Corp. (CCEMC) awards $6.5 million to small and medium enterprises
The climate change corporation gave up to $500,000 to fund 13 projects in the clean technology industry. Landmark Group (covered in November’s Innovation Issue) received support for its net zero project, while Calgary’s Carbon Engineering got funds to create a pilot carbon capture project.

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