The Digital Marketing Playbook

Got a great story but not sure how to get it out there? Digital is one option and, done right, it’s a good one

For this piece, we spoke with digital marketing expert Ernest Barbaric for his top tips on marketing your community in the e-age

  • “An important part of digital marketing is to tell a compelling story. And just like all great stories, you need to be clear who you are (as a brand), who you are trying to connect with (your audience), and what you are trying to do (your business objectives).”
  • “You must have a clear goals for your marketing. From Facebook, to Google Ads, to your website – everything needs to have a clear and concise objective. What is the end goal of using any one digital marketing asset? Is it to perform customer service, onboard new clients, convert visitors to buyers?”
  • “Video is a fantastic tool to tell a story. It helps humanize your brand and create deeper connections with your customers. We are seeing a MASSIVE increase in video on Facebook and Twitter, and YouTube and other video platforms continue to rise and evolve.”
  • Content is king. “Marketers used to be able to game Google, in order to get higher rankings for their clients. However, Google is constantly evolving their algorithms in order to provide you (the user) with better answers, and better results. NOW, the game is all about creating excellent content that is highly valuable and helpful to your customers.”

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