Marketing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A roundup of the year’s boldest marketing campaigns

The Good
Hyundai’s message to space
This ad from Hyundai featured an astronaut working on the International Space Station, who sees a message from his daughter spelled out in a desert by 11 Hyundai Genesis cars. Perhaps it’s an unfair advantage – kids are an easy way to pluck your audience’s heartstrings. But Hyundai shot for the moon, and hit it.

The Bad
Daniel Boria, Balloon Man
Maybe you’ve heard about this one. Daniel Boria thought it would be a great idea to tie more than 100 helium-filled balloons to a lawn chair and take to the sky above the Calgary Stampede to promote his cleaning product business. Boria, a veteran skydiver, ascended more than a few thousand feet into the air before parachuting to safety. Despite claiming it was the best thing he’s ever done, Boria walked away with an injured ankle and placement in police custody, from which he’s been released on $1,500 bail. Oh, and the balloons and helium set him back a mere $13,300. Let’s hope he got that back in sales.

The Ugly
Budweiser’s #UpForWhatever campaign
April of this year wasn’t a great month for Budweiser’s marketing team. As part of its ­#UpForWhatever campaign, the beer company printed “The ­perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night” on some of its cans. Needless to say, the campaign drew a huge backlash on social media.

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