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An Introduction to the Next Step

Alberta Venture and ATB Business identify four companies looking to take the next step

Beginning last spring, Alberta Venture and ATB Business began asking business owners what they wanted to do to build their companies and what advice they thought they could use to get them there. Replies poured in from across the province, with owners seeking advice on everything from marketing to financing to human resources and more.

We had to limit the participants to a manageable number, and settled on four. They are Oil Country Engineering, Nearctic Group, Jori International and Watch It!. Now, we begin to flesh out their challenges and team them up with our panel of experts: ATB Financial executive vice-president Wellington Holbrook, lawyer Doug Ballou from MacPherson Leslie & Tyerman, and Kimberly Neutens of the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, University of Calgary.

Owners and advisors will meet regularly over the next year and we will follow these companies as they take the Next Step on their journey towards greater success. We will detail their triumphs and tribulations here on Alberta Venture’s Small Business site. You can learn alongside them by signing up for the e-newsletter. There’s also an opportunity for you to get in on the action as a Backseat Advisor (and there are prizes for those with the best advice). So read, click, engage and let’s help these folks out.

Table of Contents Article
 pageheader_nextstep-06 Meet the Next Step Advisors
 joriinternational_topbar Next Step Company Profile
Meet Jori International
 watchit_topbar Next Step Company Profile
Meet Watch it!
oilcountry_topbar Next Step Company Profile
Meet Oil Country Engineering
nearctic_topbar Next Step Company Profile
Meet Nearctic
growingpains_topbar Next Step Guide
How to stop stifling growth
howto_topbar Next Step Guide
4 steps to creating value and growing your business
 map_thumb Next Step Guide
How to set goals that will take your company higher
 pageheader_nextstep-09 The Backseat Advisor

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